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Forever ProX2

Forever ProX2 

Forever ProX2 – Chocolate

With the Forever PRO X2 bars you’ll forget all about unhealthy snacks and junk food. These gluten-free protein bars provide a sense of satiety and help you lose weight and build lean muscles.

Each bar is loaded with 15gr. of protein and comes in two irresistible flavors, chocolate and cinnamon.

Forever PRO X2 controls your appetite and helps you build muscle. 

Proteins play a vital role in the fight against excess weight. They provide a sense of satiety which prevents you from overeating or reaching out for the high-calorie snacks.

They’re crucial for building muscles as well, especially if you’re increasing your workout intensity.

Most people are afraid that intensive workout and diet may decrease their muscle mass so to prevent it from happening you need protein.

Forever PRO X2 helps you build and keep muscle mass, reduce recovery time after a strenuous workout session and strengthen your muscles.

This snack is an excellent additional source of protein and you can consume it before or after workout.

Nutritional information 

Each PRO X2 protein bar contains soy protein, whey protein and concentrate and 2gr. of fiber. Soy and whey are high-quality proteins which are proven to help build and preserve muscle mass.

Each bar contains 15gr. of protein. There are 10 protein bars in one package.

  • 15gr. protein
  • 2gr. fiber
  • 2 irresistible flavors: chocolate and cinnamon
  • Gluten free
  • 10 protein bars per package


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