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25th Edition Perfume Spray Women

25th Edition Perfume Spray Women 

25th Edition Perfume Spray Women is a refreshing white floral bouquet which combines sheer petals. With warm musk to create a soft and deep feminine character.

Carefully selected and specially designed for Forever Living, each ingredient will win you over, again and again, with its irresistible scent.

This one-of-a-kind bouquet starts with mesmerizing floral notes of cactus flowers and sparkling yellow freesia. Lightly threaded with ivy leaves for a rich green accent.

The heart of the perfume is a sheer, white floralcy with a bouquet of rose petals, star jasmine, white lily and magnolia. Cherry three tones, musk skin and patchouli reveal its feminine sensuality and leave behind a bright floral fragrance.

Wake up your senses with this fresh and aromatic perfume.


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